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Video: Tree Root Protection

This November a pair of suction excavator operators and a group of arborist experts teamed up in Grimsby, Ontario to move a semi-mature spruce tree to it's new home at town hall.

Article: Trenchless Technology

Our client excavated 70 cubic yards a day. Check out the article from Trenchless Technology October 2018 edition or download the PDF here.

Article: Minority Business Entrepreneur

PG&E Diverse Suppliers Innovate for Cost Savings and Environmental Sustainability. In the fall issue, 2018, equipment built by Ox Equipment was featured in an article in Minority Business Entrepreneur; a magazine that highlights minorities who run successful, forward-thinking businesses.

Article: Municipal Sewer and Water

In 2018 Ox Equipment was mentioned in Municipal Sewer and Water, a magazine for sanitary, storm and water system maintenance professionals.

2018 Brochure

Our new brochure is here! It outlines our trucks technical specs along with standard and additional features.

Video: Saturated Clay Excavation

Video Case Study showcasing Ox equipment's Suction Excavator tackling difficult ground, and demonstrates how the 225 CFM nozzle and dual compressor system can cut through with ease.

Video: The Game Changer

Watch our video of Ox Equipment's Dino Series in action, the SUCTION EXCAVATION Game Changing Technology.

Article: Ear to The Ground

In 2017 Ox Equipment was mentioned in Ear to the Ground, an Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance magazine...