• Engineered for Dry
• Advanced Tool Options
• Powerful Suction

• Engineered for Dry
• Advanced Tool Options
• Powerful Suction

• Non-destructive around utilities & environment
• Creates clean/dry work space
• Technologically advanced sensory equipment

• Engineered for Dry • Advanced Tool Options • Powerful Suction

Damage prevention.
Safe digging equipment only.
These are no longer suggestions, they are requirements.
Infrastructure owners request it, public and worker safety demands it.

For years, the hydro vac industry has risen to this ‘challenge’, offering a safe alternative to mechanical excavation.

But our world has also changed. Your customers now demand more. 


Traditional Hydro Vac = Challenges

  • A limited resource, it limits productivity. No water, no digging.
  • Water creates slurry.   Wet slurry can’t be economically reused; it needs to be disposed at controlled facilities to prevent leaching into waterways, streams, and wet lands, facilities are increasingly harder to source and farther away.
  • Water is heavy.  Our roads and bridges have limits and overweight trucks lead to costly fines.

If you eliminate water, you eliminate limitations, slurry and weight.

If you dig with air, you deliver productivity, versatility, and value.

Innovative Suction Excavation = Solutions

  • Air is non-conductive, safe, and an unlimited resource allowing you to stay on site until the job is done, increasing your productivity, and maximizing client value.
  • Air creates dry spoils which can be reused on site, reducing both disposal and new backfill material costs.
  • Air doesn’t create slurry, optimizing payloads, and virtually eliminating overweight fines.

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