White Paper

Reduce Total Project Costs with the Performance of Suction Excavation: Download

A comparative cost analysis of hydro vac and suction excavation based on productivity and associated disposal costs.


White Paper

Vacuum Excavation Industry Study: Download

A Deep-Dive Analysis Into The Long-Term Viability of Vacuum Excavation in North America. Examining the current status of the most popular vacuum equipment currently being used in the industry today and measuring its efficiency in comparison to its impact on service providers, legislation and the environment.

Case Studies

Our Hi-Rail Dino Series suction excavator takes all the benefits of dry vacs to the tracks! Here is a great
We pitted our Dino Series Suction Excavator truck against a Vactor and a Super Vac hydro vac, in varying soil


The article titled: Air Power, can be downloaded as a pdf below or the whole magazine can be found here:
Ox Equipment’s Colin Donoahue wrote an article in Underground Construction’s March 2018 edition about Suction Excavators in North America. The
PG&E Diverse Suppliers Innovate for Cost Savings and Environmental Sustainability. In the fall issue, 2018, equipment built by Ox Equipment
In 2018 Ox Equipment was mentioned in Municipal Sewer and Water, a magazine for sanitary, storm and water system maintenance
In 2017 Ox Equipment was mentioned in Ear to the Ground, an Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance magazine, which works
Our client excavated 70 cubic yards a day. Check out the article from Trenchless Technology October 2018 edition or download

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