This game changing dry vacuum excavation technology, while relatively new to North America, has been the leading safe-dig technology utilized throughout Europe for over two decades. Combining world class suction systems and functional operational capabilities, the MTS Suction Excavator allows for incredibly fast, efficient, and an environmentally responsible dry vacuum excavation process which is utilized in a wide variety of utility, industrial and commercial applications.


Through diligent operational support and comprehensive mechanical training delivered directly to your company we are confident the in-field deployment of your MTS Suction Excavation equipment will bring both long term successes for your company operationally, as well as present opportunity for your company to be a part of the future growth of MTS sales within the North American landscape.


Your company currently operates within the utility industry and delivers innovative and responsive services to your clients. As an industry leader and early adopter of new methodologies your ability to demonstrate to new clients’ game changing technologies is already well proven. With established service facilities in place, qualified equipment operators, as well as a forward-thinking management team, the ability to grow and adapt to new business opportunities fits perfectly into your long-range business strategies.

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