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Dry suction leads the way in excavation technology.

There’s no question, suction excavation is proven to be a smarter, faster and safer method when compared to traditional tools like the backhoe, trencher or auger. And Ox Equipment’s dry suction vehicles, which powerfully excavate without the use of water, are the best of the best.

With dry suction, excavations are more precise, reducing the risk of damaging underground utilities. The amount of soil removed is as minimal as possible, reducing both the size of the excavation area and the waste transportation costs. Sites are smaller, cleaner and the job is done and dusted a whole lot faster!

We are the exclusive North American distributor of the German leaders in the excavation industry, MTS. We offer a range of MTS vehicle models with a variety of suction performance levels and truck sizes, for every usage and industry need. Why not get our team pulling for you?


  • Volumes from 4.5m³ (6 yds³) to 12 m³ (16 yds³)
  • Side tip
  • High tip

Power Arm

  • Strong and stable suction hose support with 4 articulating joints
  • 10” diameter suction hose and 7m (23 ft) length
  • Wireless remote controlled operation

Twin Fan Technology

  • Patented Twin Fan Technology with variable levels of power
  • 24,000 plus CFM
  • Automatic central lubrication system

Air Compressor

  • Industry leading Mattei Vane compressors up to 320 CFM @ 116 PSI
  • Provides oiled and non-oiled air at the rear of the vehicle
  • High air capacity levels for multiple tools simultaneously

Filter System

  • Automatic reverse pulse self cleaning filtration system
  • Fast exchange with interchangeable filter bank
  • HEPA compatible (optional)


  • Exposing utilities and lines safely, where location is known or unknown
  • Emergency underground repairs that need to be done fast and safely
  • Suctioning contaminated solids or liquids from industrial tanks and equipment
  • Cleaning out road ditches, tunnels, ponds, industrial and construction sites
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Optional Components

  • Mega Arm

    an extended reach for increased power and versatility

  • Radio remote control suction, driving & steering

    for suction operation while moving

  • Hydraulic rotating hose attachment

    for loosening compact materials and more

  • Container and lid in stainless steel – for better corrosion resistance and lower friction
  • Triple fan system – able to operate as twin or triple, as needed for specific use
  • High Tipper – giving two tipping heights, approx. 8 and 10 ft
  • High-pressure water pump – with hose reel, water gun and clean water tank
  • Double-diaphragm pump – for pumping dirty water with larger particles

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